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Call us for same day or next day pool inspections.    

Cost from $ 345 for an Inspection & Report with issues identified and any rectification required to enable us to issue a Compliance Certificate.

Note: NOT ALL POOL CERTIFIERS ARE THE SAME .... some understand the older (more lenient) regulations better than others

Our Certifiers have been asked to give presentations at The Property Owners Association, The Strata Managers Asssociation and at the AGM of the Association of Accredited Certifiers. 

- We work to save you further expense and are one of only two certification companies that regularly applies for Exemptions -

 - We Assess and Certify Your Pool To Save You Unnecessary Expense Where We Can -

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"Thank you Mark,
We have forwarded your excellent report to the owner for their consideration".        Rowan Carroll, P.Leahy Pty Ltd Mosman

Member of The Association of Accredited Swimming Pool Certifiers
Member of The Master Builders Association
Registered with The Building Professionals Board

NSW Licensed Builder - with experience in building swimming pools

If you need us to setout multiple alternative options eg: for an absent owner then we can also do this. 

- We give practical advice should your pool not currently comply with NSW regulations. 

Our principle Mark Dodgson was involved with the recent review of legislation and has a unique understanding of the regulations.

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Mark, Peter or Paul 

Sample section of our Reports showing: The Legislation - The Issue and Possible Alternatives: - very few Certifiers do this !

Clause 2.2.4:   Non-Climbable Zone – Boundary Barrier 1800mm or greater: Can you confirm that there are no potential hand holds or footholds within a 900mm radius from the top of the boundary barrier on the inside of the fence in a downward arc ?

Issue(s) Observed: Vegetation – pot plants – brick ledges – clips etc

These provide possible hand and footholds for children

Possible Solution: Remove or shield climbable elements within NCZ and cut back vegetation where applicable in a compliant manner.

Remove vegetation and create a compliant No Climb Zone




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swimming pool safety inspections and certification inspect inspection certify